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One of the few wetlands in Europe and the only delta in Croatia, Neretva Delta covers an area of about 12 000 ha. Most intense transformation happened in the second half of the 20th century when part of the wetland was drained and meliorated which has created land suitable for cultivation and growing of many different cultures, thus creating an agricultural region of a kind. Metković, Opuzen and Ploče are the main urban centers of the Valley which consists of numerous little villages and hamlets.

The part left out of melioration process offers something completely different… Immersed in the untouched nature, you can feel the call of the wild and the Neretva canals, “decorated” with water lilies, are the habitat of unique bird species, hidden by sedge and bulrush, which is why the site has been declared a protected ornithological reserve and hopefully soon a nature park.

The remains of swamp areas combined with cultivated land give this region a uniquely green visual identity that sets it apart from the rest of the Croatian coast and is often called the “green pearl” of the Croatian Adriatic. Precisely combination of cultivated land, swamp areas, the sea and historical heritage gives the Neretva Delta diversity in tourist offer which is hard to find.



NERETVA – An undiscovered gem

One of the last remaining swamp areas of Europe, Neretva river valley is also known as the Green Pearl of the Adriatic, and once you stop to admire the panorama of green fields intersected with Neretva backwaters and lose your breath for a moment it becomes clear where the name[…]