Hotel Merlot


Photo-safari excursion is a unique experience!

We will take you on a boat ride in a traditional Neretva boat called lađa through canals and backwaters of Neretva and untouched nature where you can feel the call of the wild of one of the few remaining European wetlands. Neretva canals, „decorated“ with water lilies, are a habitat of unique bird species that live among bulrush and sedge which is why the area has been declared a protected ornithological reserve and soon to be a nature park. One of the main special sites on our tour is the lake Kuti.

At the end of the journey we discover the secret of the sunken city…

According to the folk traditional stories, there lies a sunken city at the bottom of the lake Kuti and they say that if you look closely during clear weather you may actually see the outlines of roofs and walls of the mysterious city.

Price from 12,50€/person!

Available for groups from 4-50 people. The price depends on the size of the group and type of excursion.Contact us for further information and arrangements.

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45,00€ (330,00kn) / 40,00€ (300,00kn)


15,00€ (110,00kn) / 13,00€ (100,00kn)


25,00€ (185,00kn) / 22,00€ (165,00kn)