Hotel Merlot



Our small family hotel Merlot and Prović Winery, where we produce wines from our own vineyards, have been inspired by Neretva and opened so we could give you an opportunity to completely discover the Neretva Delta. Our hotel is a place where we offer holiday, relaxation and pleasure. We believe that you can truly experience a region only by tasting local specialties made in a traditional way as well as wines of the region which reflect its character. But also if you let yourself see and feel its colors, moments and flavors… Everything wrapped with a smile and the pleasure of telling the stories about our Neretva, about our wine which is not only the technology of production, but a living process we enter with passion and dedication every time and about our delicacies like luscious frogs and the mysterious eel.

  • Neretva Brodetto competition
  • Lađa Marathon
  • Eel Days in Neretva
  • Neretva Days in Zagreb
  • Street Art Festival Zen Opuzen
  • Music evening „Pisma na svakom kantunu“
  • Competition for the best amateur sportsman in Neretva
  • Fashion show, Opuzen
  • Tournament Ćikarijada
  • Maranatha Festival of Spiritual Music
  • City of Opuzen – Celebration of 300 years of Opuzen parish



NERETVA – An undiscovered gem

One of the last remaining swamp areas of Europe, Neretva river valley is also known as the Green Pearl of the Adriatic, and once you stop to admire the panorama of green fields intersected with Neretva backwaters and lose your breath for a moment it becomes clear where the name[…]