Hotel Merlot

Tangerine picking excursion
(Sep 15 – Nov 30)

Tangerine picking

When the summer sun cools down a bit and autumn kicks in, the Emerald Valley puts on an orange outfit made out of Neretva tangerines. The Neretva tangerines have a protected designation of origin due to its premium quality.

On a tangerine picking excursion we take you on a plantation where you are welcomed by the host who tells you a story about the tradition of tangerine farming in Neretva Delta. After that, with homemade liquors and grappa offered you are free to immerse yourself into the tangerines trees under the autumn sun, picking the fruit, breathing the fresh air, relaxing your mind&soul and refreshing yourself with the juicy and soft, just picked fruit.

Available for groups of 20 people minimum. Lunch is also included in the programme. Contact us for arrangement and further information.

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45,00€ (330,00kn) / 40,00€ (300,00kn)


15,00€ (110,00kn) / 13,00€ (100,00kn)


25,00€ (185,00kn) / 22,00€ (165,00kn)